Turn-Key Outreach Programs Benefit Hospitals, Doctors

Benefits to Hospitals

Hospital laboratories are often considered one of the Hospital's more significant cost centers. As part of a Hospital's commitment to quality patient care, it must maintain its laboratory operations 24 hours per day, seven days a week to perform the necessary testing for the Hospital's inpatient population. The capital cost to equip, staff and maintain these clinical laboratory facilities is exceedingly high; and at most Hospitals these facilities are an underutilized resource. Most Hospitals have excess capacity and the incremental costs to run additional tests are minimal, primarily involving the additional costs for reagents and supplies.

UWL has demonstrated that Hospitals can generate substantial profits utilizing their lab facilities during the "non-peak" periods. In collaboration with UWL, a typical Hospital can turn its traditional laboratory from a cost center into a significant revenue center within its first year of operation. UWL Outreach Programs not only generate significant revenue and profits for the Hospital, but also create operational efficiencies and improve inpatient testing as well. The UWL management team has already been through the difficult "learning curve", which greatly improves the opportunity for success of these outreach initiatives.

Why hospital laboratory outreach works for hospitals:
Leverages the underutilized but significant hospital laboratory assets
Improves lab efficiency & performance to often exceed productivity standards (RVU's)
Establishes a significant, sustainable, and profitable new line of business
Represents a significant opportunity to improve physician relations as well as exposure to potential attendings

Benefits to Physicians

From your perspective as the community physician, who regularly contracts for lab services, the advantages of the program are as follows:

Allows physicians to deal with "their Hospital", in which they already have confidence, with a "known" pathologist, who is likely to be a personal friend or professional colleague
For the same cost, it allows physicians to support the Hospital with which they are affiliated rather than contribute additional profits to an outside commercial vendor

In most cases it allows physicians to have on-line access from their office to all test results performed at the Hospital lab for the patient, thereby consolidating that patient's test results
Allows physicians to maintain consistency in correlating results between inpatients and outpatients, using the same set of reference ranges