Turn-Key Outreach Program

United WestLabs currently operates numerous turn-key Programs in California, Arizona, Nevada, and New York that are considered some of the most successful hospital-based outreach lab Programs in the country. UWL and its Affiliates are currently leveraging its management team and resources to expand these Programs on a national basis.

UWL will manage the operations and handle all pre-analytical and post-analytical functions such as marketing and client service support, IT connectivity, phlebotomy, specimen handling, processing, order entry, pick-up, delivery, billing, compliance and all non-testing functions.

“Lab U” Product

UWL is broadening its range of services to hospitals that are not candidates for UWL's traditional
turn-key program, but still plan to develop smaller, local, laboratory outreach programs.

The Lab U program offers:
Automated work-flow and connectivity solutions
Consultation and training for hospital staff
Off-site billing and compliance services

Selected Process Management

Many hospitals have the existing staff, expertise and infrastructure necessary to manage many of the functions outlined above. To the extent that the hospital has gaps in their capabilities, UWL has the ability to support and/or manage selected functions as follows:

  - Plan design, materials, recruiting, training and management
  - Comprehensive market analysis and development of marketing materials
Logistics management
  - Courier, phlebotomy, processing
Client service
Managed care contracting

Billing and compliance